Mush With Us!

Have you ever wanted to ride on a sled sliding over snow behind a team of eager huskies? Just half-an-hour south of Lake Tahoe on Highway 88, stands a vast, uncluttered valley. Hope Valley has remained unchanged since Snowshoe Thompson skied it in the 1850's. It's a good place for a dog sled ride since it's a bit reminiscent of the Alaska interior. Preparation for the Sled Dog season is a year long commitment. In the fall we spend many hours getting the teams trained and conditioned using a three wheeled cart over dirt roads. We train until there is enough snow in hope valley to start the tours. Join 30-year veteran mushers David Beck and Dotty Dennis and their dogs for an exciting and memorable winter adventure. The rides last about an hour - depending on how fast the track is. We have sleds available with a load limit of 375 pounds each. Two adult size people and one or two small children.

Contact us to experience the beauty and excitement of dog sledding in Hope Valley, California.