David's Book: Ski Touring in California

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Ski Touring in California by David Beck

Reviewers give David's book awesome praise!

"Dave, his book, and training seminars are the real deal. If you want solid knowledge follow Dave's path. It saved me." -- With Gratitude To Dave, By "canoe112"

"This book provides wonderful reading and is excellent in terms of illustrating technique and describing touring locales. This book is a great read when you can't get away to the mountains and will "transport" you there and capture your imagination. When you get on the tour, take the book with you, it has great maps and is a great resource. There are so many wonderful tips stated in such wonderful ways. Beck is awesome!" -- By William P. Wilson

"Each tour is well-described with difficulty (mileage, elevation, etc.) and has easy-to-follow directions. The book also describes what you see on the tour and the tour's special attractions. The book is sadly out of print, but lots of used copies are available. If you find one, I would grab it. After all, the mountains have not changed since he wrote the book!" -- By Dan Anderson